This will be my last post... On this blog

Where are you going???
Is everything OK????
You are stopping to write blog posts?????


My first blog post brings back memories. When I decided to start this blog way, way back in November 2007, I decided to go for a free platform, because it suited my needs at the time, and honestly it has served me really well over the last 12 years.

But it is time for a change.

I have evolved over the last 12 years. The way I work, has evolved over the last 12 years, and this platform is no longer in line with my daily routines and practices.

Which is why I have decided to move to a new blog, a new domain, and a new beginning.


Q: Are you closing access to this site?
A:  No all content will be remain here - although I have set up redirects for all the posts that will now point to the new blog.

Q: You have Visio Stencils on your site - can I still get them?
A: Yes, the old links still are there - and the posts are now redirected to the new site..

Q: Will the URL and rss feed stay the same?
A: Nope, new domain, new urls, new feed.

Q: Are you still using the blogger platform??
A: You weren't paying attention were you...  I am moving off of blogger. The site is going to be hosted as a static site on AWS S3, powered by Hugo - more on how the sausage is made in the future..

Q: Will this site design stay the same?
A: No - I am going to change the design to something much more simple and minimal, the info is outdated and needs to be changed to reflect the times.

Here is a small time lapse of the site over the years.

Thanks Google for the hospitality over the years, I am extremely grateful, you have served me well.

Start your engines and add this to your bookmarks.... Welcome to Blog 2.0