VMWorld – for the masses (not in SF)

For all of you people (like me) who are not able to attend the conference in San Francisco – a post on the VMWorld communities about a decent number of sessions that you can view online (for free)

None of these sessions are available as live sessions at the conference

Here is the Available List:

BC2082 VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager Performance and Best Practice
BC2253 Pain-free VMware Agentless Backup AND Recovery - VCB & Beyond
BC3083 Mission Critical: Virtualization and Robust DR Architectures for Vital Systems
BC3602 VMware Fault Tolerance - vSphere Workflows and API Considerations
DV1406 Integrating VMware View with your VPN
EA1396 SQL, Exchange and SharePoint Deployments on EMC Celerra Unified Storage
EA3216 Best Practice for Virtualizing Active Directory using vSphere
EA3579 Oracle Enterprise Workloads on VMware How-To
TA1440 Networking in ESX: VM DirectPath Dynamic - the road to Direct VM to Hardware
TA3488 All Hypervisors Are Not Created Equal - The Unique Advantages of VMware ESX
V12789 VMware vCenter Converter 101
VM2711 Virtual Infrastructure Performance Optimization: From the Data Center to the Desktop
VM3237 vCenter Databases: Setup, Management and Best Practices
VM3237 VC Linked Mode in vSphere 4.0
VM3325 vSphere and ESXi Log Files 101 & 102
VM3404 Alarms for vCenter 4.0
VM3414 Study Reveals Production Best Practices for Virtualization