3 Things I Learned - Week #12

I am a bit late with this post – life has really gotten mad as I get ready for a trip to the US next week.

Here are 3 things I learned this week.

  1. Here is a great read on how taking control of AWS costs – can save you a huge amount of money -The million dollar engineering problem
  2. Here is a nice AWS solution based on Lambda to monitor if you are coming close to a resource limit on your AWS account (something that happened many times this week)
  3. Did you know that you can build a global transit network on AWS?

I think it is pretty obvious what I have been doing most of the past week – isn’t it? 


3 Things I Learned - Week #11

Crazy week – but one of the best I have had. I work with an amazing team of people – who have accomplished the almost impossible.

Beside working weird and wild hours, here are 3 things that I learned this week.

  1. From dotCloud to Docker is a relaly good read about how docker started out a few years ago. It is hard to believe that is has evolved into what it has today.
  2. It seems that Gitlab is not going to be leaving the cloud after all.. Running your infrastructure is so much more that nut, bolts and how much money you pay to a provider at the end of the day. Gitlab was publicly discussing why they wanted to get off the cloud – and how they would do it, and this post explains that maybe you do need people that understand the underlying infra (all of it!!) if you choose to go the route of managing it all yourself.
    Really good read!
  3. Did you know that many hit songs are comprise of 4 basic chords?


Catch you all next week!


3 Things I Learned - Week #10

Well – another week has gone by – and winter is practically over here in Israel. Learning never stops and here are 3 things that caught my eye this week.
  1. This is a great set of posts about how Evernote moved their whole infrastructure to Google Cloud.  Part 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.
  2. docker-aws is a nifty little container – with all the tools  you will need to interact with AWS. A huge thumbs up from me on this one!
  3. It seems that I was the only one who really missed that Github have changed their TOS.

    Here are two different takes on the subject.
    what I would ask my lawyers about the new Github TOS and Rational thoughts on the GitHub ToS change.
Purim is here – catch you all next week!


3 Things I Learned - Week #9

Honestly this week has not been my best – far too much going on at work – after work and yet there are always new things that I learn.

  1. I tried to upgrade my Raspberry Pi to an updated version – it did not go well. But all is not lost, after installing Minibian which is perfect for my needs – I was well on my way again with less RAM and resources in use.
  2. Amazon US-east-1 melted down this week, and took down a substantial number of dependent sites and businesses that rely on their services. US-east-1 is the oldest and biggest region that AWS has in use today. I was personally affected as well – as we have an ongoing project in that region.
  3. To continue the point above. There is so much to actually say – but this will lead to a whole new blog post. Two short point on the message that was posted last night.

    a. Human’s are the weakest link – there is no doubt about it.
    b. There are parts of AWS that have not been started in Years ! I don't know if I should be happy about that – or really really scared!

Have a great weekend and never stop learning!