AMI has 3 Syllables. A.M.I. #AWS

Just to make this clear

(before someone get's the wrong idea...)

This 100% fun. Humor.

Not religion. Not a mission.

Just having some fun at the expense of AWS..

If you follow me on Twitter (and if you don't - your loss..) then you will know that I am one of many that are on a crusade.

A crusade to right a wrong.

A wrong that some who work in a company called Amazon Web Services (a.k.a. AWS) have tried to indoctrinate the world with a lie, something that is just plain wrong.

And the crusade about I speak - is the religious debate about how you pronounce AMI
(Amazon Machine Image)

You will find many references to this over the past few years:

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And of course the one and only Corey Quinn

I decided that I cannot idly stand by and let this injustice continue.

I took a step. I took a stand (and I started with a donation of 2 Euro for the domain name)

AMI has 3 syllables


And in my ramblings back and forth with Corey - he enlightened me to the following fact
(which is so unbelievably true)

I managed to release the perfect AWS product (on a budget of $2 - really proud of myself)

Perfect launch

1. People have no idea how to use it
2. It has a stupid name that you cannot remember
3. The graphics suck... (sorry I have not done HTML/CSS in - I do not know how long)
4. No TLS

So in the spirit of this perfect release - I thought about how this would work with a real AWS product launch, and therefore I will iterate over time to improve the product.

Here is the plan (in the reverse order from above)..
  1. Implement TLS ( I actually could do that today - but I am going leave like this for the launch in the spirit of a new product)
    ** Edit ** - Implemented 05 March, 2019
  2. Fix up the graphics
    (Here I am going to crowdsource and look to you all - and if anyone wants to step up and improve my crappy artwork - reach out - I would be happy to get some help.
    Feel free to reach out on to me @maishsk)
  3. Plug the name to death - until people remember the name - in their sleep
    For this - say hello to @3_syllables (feel free to follow)
  4. Implement a bot that will interact with people who don't know how to pronounce A.M.I.
    (and maybe add some statistical functionality on the bot's activity to the site)

Feel free to share - and leave me your thoughts on Twitter