Starting a new Journey #AWS

Simon Sinek has a great talk - about how great leaders inspire great action. I learned something really important from this talk even through it is almost 10 years old.

By explaining things in the wrong way - we miss the opportunity to make a great impact, to change the world.
  1. We usually start with the What.
  2. Then the How..
  3. And only at the end - we get into the Why...

It should be the other be the reverse.

Following Simon's advice I will start with the why..

How?  Why?  What?


I firmly believe that the future is the public cloud. I believe that we can accomplish so much more, so much faster, when we leave heavy lifting for others. This allows all of us to focus on providing the actual value to our customers without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure.

I know that I have a huge amount still to learn, but I also have a huge amount of knowledge, experience and insight that I can share with others. I have been doing this for many years, and see this not only as a way to put bread on the table, but also a way to make a real change in the world.

I want other people to benefit from what I have to give.


I work with teams on how to start their journey to the cloud, how to make use of the technologies available to them. This includes, writing code, continuously learning (myself included), gaining more knowledge, and ultimately sharing that knowledge with others. I have built pipelines, migrated workloads into the cloud, failed miserably in some cases, continuously improved and iterated to get better the whole time.

Working on a regular basis with customers to help them on their journey, through their challenges along the way, celebrate their success stories with them, experience the pain and anguish with their failures / disasters - but above all - to be an advisor for my clients - with their best interests in mind.


The change I have decided to embark on (and the challenge I have decided to accept) is moving my skills and energy in a direction where I feel I can make even more of an impact, help more people, help even more organizations, and not only focus on a single company, but make even a bigger impact.

Starting July 15th I will joining Amazon (Web Services) as a Senior Solutions Architect.

I will be working with an amazing team of solutions architects and talented people in a company that I really believe can change the way we use technology, make it better, more efficient, and do amazing things.

My last day at CyberArk will be June 30th, then I go on a long deserved and well earned vacation for two weeks.

I have learned a huge deal at my time here at CyberArk, worked with amazing people, learned a lot about the security space, their challenges, their fears, their constraints. None of it is easy. It is not a cloud native world and the problems this industry faces are not easy ones to solve, especially in what could be termed as "legacy" environments. For all this knowledge, the insight and experiences over the last year - I am extremely grateful.

I cannot wait for day 1 on July 15th!!!


Book Review: Mastering AWS Cost Optimization

I dabble in AWS every now and again :) and a new book just came out - so obviously I wanted to go through it and give it a read.

Mastering AWS Cost Optimization: Real-world technical and operational cost-saving best practices
(Eli Mansoor and Yair Green)

So first some disclosure - I have met with Eli a few times throughout my career - we had some business discussions during his Rackspace days. Eli Reached out to me and asked me to read the book and post a review. 

I received a free paperback copy. 

I finished the book in two days, (it was chag and I had a lot of time to read). It quite clear that a lot of knowledge and detail went into the writing of the book. 

Eli and Yair took a methodological approach throughout the book. They focused on three main aspects of your AWS cost (with a strong emphasis on Compute and Storage, but also Networking).

They used a methodology which they name KAO (Knowledge, Architecture, Operation) which in my honest opinion provided a logical and clear flow for the book and made it an easy read. 

KAO Methodology
They go into detail on how each of the services are used - sometimes in really great detail. There are a number of examples in the book used to explain how things exactly work. 

The last section of the book is focused on Operations with different suggestions and recommendations on how to adjust you current practices, to become more "cost aware/optimized". I for one would have preferred that this section would have been more of the focus of the entire book - but that could just be me. There are a great number of gems in this section - that has something new for everyone (me included!!)  

As I said, this was an easy read, well structured and very informative. Eli and Yair have done a great job, diving deep on a topic that is important to us all (but has no real good source of information - besides experience) - but have also left enough space to expand on this book and to provide a more detailed deep dive and focus on more specific subjects in the future.

I would definitely give it a read!